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Heritage double glazed sash windows

Repair box frames, install new sashes to match the originals

Sash windows looking out onto a tree and garden
Sash windows looking out onto a tree and garden
Sash windows looking out onto a tree and garden
  • Times and technology have moved on considerably in recent years. We’ve seen some drastic improvements in specialist slim double glazing, designed specifically to maintain the beauty and elegance of sash windows without affecting their dimensions. Most existing sash windows can be fully repaired and restored, however installing replacement double glazed sashes is by far our most popular option, accounting for nearly 75% of what we do. We only use hardwood and Accoya engineered timbers, guaranteed against rot and swelling for 50 years.
  • We use only the best and proven traditional joiners to produce replacement sashes to match your existing moulds, profiles and dimensions specific to your existing windows.
  • We take apart your existing windows to carry out any repairs required to the existing box frames, and install your new matching sashes where the old ones once were.
  • Our slim double glazing brings your sash windows extremely close to modern building regulations, even though most period properties are exempt.
  • Our slim double glazing is so discreet its almost completely invisible to the naked eye, allowing you to considerably improve your sash windows efficiency whilst maintaining the period features which play such an important role in preserving our period streets, towns and cities across the Warwickshire and the Midlands.
  • Don’t be mislead by any companies who tell you complete replacement of both box frames and sashes is necessary. Existing sash window frames are mostly hidden in the walls, nearly always in a good condition, and seldom require replacement. Saving you money whilst avoiding disruption of existing brick work.
  • There are various glass options available to you when double glazing your existing sash windows.
  • All our slim sash window double glazing is filled with Krypton gas, one of the most energy efficient insulating inert gases on the planet.
  • Overwhelmingly people choose clear slim double glazed units.
  • Other options include; frosted and traditional Victorian patterned units, often in bathrooms or front doors.
  • Specialist slim soundproofing units for sash windows are available, designed for people living on busy roads.
  • Modern double glazing where required to meet the most recent building regulations in new builds.
  • In grade listed buildings where your existing sliding sashes are beyond economical repair, we can match your existing sashes with single glazing to match the originals.
  • If your home is listed or you live in a conservation area you may need to speak with your local conservation office before installing double glazed sashes. We regularly deal with local conservation officers and can guide you through every stage of the process. We've double glazed sash windows in many local listed buildings and conservation areas.
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